Ampleforth is not a stablecoin - it was designed to allow volatility. What better way to highlight volatility than with a meme bounty, run on the internet?

Entries can be memes, gifs, videos or motion graphics. Your entry must make it clear in the design that Ampleforth’s $AMPL tokens are not a stablecoin. They should probably be funny, but hey, you’re the creator.


  • Winner: 100 $AMPL
  • 2nd Place Winner: 50 $AMPL
  • Randomly Selected Winner: 50 $AMPL


  • Entries must be made on Twitter
  • Entrants must follow @AmpleforthOrg on Twitter
  • Entries are made by composing a tweet with the design and typing in the body of the tweet "$AMPL #NotAStableCoin"
  • Entrants must tag @AmpleforthOrg in the photo, on Twitter
  • Still photo entries (memes) must contain text
  • Your meme must make it clear that Ampleforth is not a stablecoin
  • The start of the challenge will be Thursday June13th at 13:00 PDT (GMT-7)
  • End of challenge will be on Monday July 1st 2019 at 12:00 PDT (GMT-7)
  • There is no limit to the number of entries that will be considered in the challenge

Good Luck. Let's see some fire memes.